Federal Law
Advocacy & Regulatory

Government affairs, Public policy, Investigations, Government contracts, Legislative strategy, Regulatory insight, Capitol Hill navigation

Business Law
Business Law

Partner serving as in-house council, Contracts, Buying/selling/starting a business, Corporate governance & compliance, Disputes, Trademarks

Industry Specific Law
Industry Specific Law

Telecommunications law, Cable, Wireless, Energy, Medical, Complex technologies, Ethics, Compliance, Regulatory strategy, Negotiations, Litigation, Public advocacy

Employment Law
Employment Law

Corporate ethics, Employee disputes, Contract negotiations, Discrimination issues, Termination matters, MSPB – Merit System Protection Bureau

Family Law
Family Law

Divorce, Uncontested divorce, Adoption, Alimony, Child custody, Domestic partnership, Marital property, Asset division, Prenuptial agreements, LGBT


Attorneys at Law

knc-attorneysKitchens New Cleghorn, LLC is a full service boutique law firm with a collective team of experts serving clients in corporate, business, family and employment sectors. The firm’s guiding principal is to create positive outcomes for our clients. With hundreds of years of combined legal expertise, our corporate and business clients rely on us to look around corners, anticipate the unexpected and partner with them to navigate through legal issues and challenges. From contract disputes, to articles of incorporation, to litigation, to regulatory affairs, to compliance, to strategic advice, Kitchens New Cleghorn, LLC offers a full suite of legal services so businesses can run smoothly and achieve objectives.

Our family law, employment law and MSPB clients work with us because of our laser focus, relentless advocacy and deep understanding of each individual’s needs and circumstances; and our ability to craft a legal strategy to serve those needs. We thank our continually growing network of clients and appreciate their trust in Kitchens New Cleghorn, LLC.

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