Lawrenceville Divorce Attorneys

From adopting a child to getting a divorce, navigating the legal field can be tricky and stressful on your own. Sensitive legal matters concerning your family or your divorce can’t be left to chance. Don’t get overwhelmed by the details – look to the Lawrenceville divorce attorneys with Kitchens New Cleghorn, LLC to represent your case and help settle matters efficiently and quickly.

Lawrenceville Georgia Divorce Lawyers

Divorce can at times be an incredibly difficult process, both legally and emotionally. With our divorce lawyers, you can rest easy that your interests will be protected in cases involving:

broken marriage, getting a divorceContested Divorce: Divorce in Georgia is never pleasant, but contested divorces can become particularly troublesome. Our divorce attorneys are experts in handling your personal details and can help resolve your case with minimal stress.

Child Custody: Child custody can be an especially touchy matter, requiring sensitivity and legal expertise. Our family law attorneys are experts in child custody laws in Georgia. We go above and beyond to ensure the best interests of your child or children are fully represented.

getting child support, open handChild Support: Your family deserves financial support. Our family lawyers are experts in child support in Georgia and will make your children’s welfare their top priority. We will guide you through the child support process and get your family the financial backing it deserves.

spousal support, alimony moneyAlimony: Determining accurate Georgia alimony provisions is sometimes tricky. Let our divorce attorneys help you review the factors that can effect whether you receive alimony and how much. With our expertise, you can determine what you’re entitled to and maximize your financial return.

splitting marital propertyProperty Division: Dividing marital assets is another part of getting a divorce that can easily become both overwhelming and tense. Our attorneys will work with you to protect your rights and interests, ensuring you are treated fairly and your valuable property is protected.

uncontested divorce proceeding, divorcing coupleUncontested Divorce: Getting an uncontested divorce in Georgia is one of the easiest ways to end a marriage, but it still requires sensitivity, legal expertise and attention to detail. Our Lawrenceville divorce attorneys have completed countless uncontested divorce cases and can help you settle your personal affairs with ease.

prenuptial agreement contract, pre-marriage agreementPrenuptial Agreements: The beginning of a marriage is a time for joyful anticipation, but also for planning and preparation. Talk to our family law attorneys before you get married to weigh whether a prenuptial agreement is for you. Letting us create a solid prenuptial agreement can save you time, money and emotional expense should your marriage face a sudden change.

Lawrenceville Family Law Attorneys

Kitchens New Cleghorn also specializes in law designed to maintain families. Be it helping you adopt a child or legally reinforcing your domestic partnership, the lawyers at our Lawrenceville office can help. Our family law attorneys frequently manage:

adopt in GeorgiaAdoption: We have a long track record helping form new families. Single individuals, straight couples, gay partners – we have worked with a wide assortment of family types, giving our team the experience to help your adoption go smoothly.

domestic partnership agreement, same-sex marriageDomestic Partnerships: Though Georgia law does not recognize gay marriages, our family law attorneys can help you take steps to protect your rights as a same-sex couple. These can include creating medical directives and other legal steps that our team can suggest to make sure your domestic partnership is as legally sound as possible.

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