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The Rewards of Practicing Family Law in Atlanta

Posted on: February 6th, 2014

by: Jeff Cleghorn
One of the most rewarding benefits of practicing family law is helping clients through some of their most difficult times.  Family law, which can encompass divorce, child custody and domestic violence issues, is a particularly emotional and traumatizing time in our client’s lives.   I get tremendous satisfaction out of seeking constructive, positive solutions to our client’s needs and devoting myself to helping each of our clients move past their difficult times and onto brighter futures.

Whether I am working with a stay-at-home-mother to achieve financial security in her post-divorce life or helping parents through the difficulty of major custody decisions, it is undeniably rewarding to successfully resolve matters by achieving the best results for our clients as they transition past this emotionally charged point in their lives.

Whether a case is resolved through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, my focal priority is to protect the rights of our clients and achieve the best goals for the client and their family.  However, practicing family law requires more than just advocacy; it requires empathy and compassion.

There is nothing more rewarding than taking clients through the stress, eliciting their own confidences to work through this tough period, and working together on achieving the best results for their future.  I take tremendous pride in truly understanding the needs of our clients and knowing what is important to each of them.

Only then can I understand the goals of each client and tailor our strategy to achieve the best result for him or her.   Successfully resolving a client’s family law matter will likely be among one the most important things they will ever do.   Knowing that I not only achieved a great result for the client, but that I helped guide them through a stressful time in their lives is why I enjoy practicing so much.

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