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4 Things to Consider Before You File for a Divorce

Posted on: September 28th, 2015

ducks in a row

There are many reasons why someone may file for a divorce.  Sometimes, a partner has been unfaithful. Sometimes, there is physical or emotional abuse. Sometimes, the couple has grown apart and they just don’t have the same life goals. Whatever the reason, there are 4 things a person should consider before filing for a divorce.

  1. Get your financial ducks in a row. We advise our clients to make sure that they have made arrangements to have enough money to manage until a temporary agreement can be reached with your spouse.
  2. Google yourself and be certain that your public profile is clean. It is prudent to make certain that your social media and online presence doesn’t reveal anything that might be used against you in court. It is also wise not to say anything negative about your spouse on your social media. Take the high road- the view is always nicer up there!
  3. Establish your identity as an individual. When couples have joint accounts, it can be difficult to operate if a spouse decides to take control of it. Consider establishing your own separate checking account to deposit your paycheck. You should also get your own cell phone account so that your spouse cannot easily see who you are calling and texting.
  4. Rally the troops! It is a good idea to build a network of support for the emotional toll that a divorce can take. Consider hiring a supportive counselor to discuss stressful emotional issues with, or be sure that you have a trusted network of family and friends to support you. There are several types of experts that we recommend but the most important thing is to build a support network.

Taking the time to address these things before you file for a divorce may help make your divorce process easier. For more information about the process of filing for a divorce and the divorce process, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Which Experts Can Help You During Your Divorce?

Posted on: September 15th, 2015

17737-business-man-hand-pvOur divorce attorneys are accomplished at what we do. In addition to being compassionate listeners who help our clients navigate the sometimes confusing waters of divorce, we also associate with other professionals who can help during a divorce. We have identified some of the most important experts:

  1. A financial expert or forensic accountant can assist in identifying and defining marital assets, and whether there may be separate, non-marital (pre-marital) assets. They can also help to find “hidden” assets that one spouse may have not known about as well as offer specific advice. Sometimes in marriages where spousal roles are “traditional” – with one spouse working full time and the other being the homemaker – the homemaker spouse often is not as familiar with financial matters or marital assets. A financial expert is often able to assist.
  2. A private investigator can sometimes be helpful in finding out specifics about your spouse’s conduct and misconduct. This could include infidelity, drug use, or other behaviors that would have a bearing on the divorce case, especially when children are involved.
  3. A therapist is or mental health counselor can be very beneficial for the person going through the divorce, and possibly even for the children. They can help with attachment/detachment issues, self-worth, making positive choices and dealing with grief.

If you are going through a divorce or plan to, you should start with an expert divorce attorney, such as the lawyers at Kitchens New Cleghorn. You should also consider what other professionals you should recruit to your team based on your anticipated needs. Ask for recommendations and hire the professional that you feel would do the best job for you. Divorce can be difficult so having a team of professionals is a great way to insure that you have all of the support you need until you move into the next chapter of your life.