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Need Help Finding The Best Atlanta Lawyers?

Posted on: February 25th, 2016

Do Your Homework!

When people in our area have a legal need, they usually start by asking who the best Atlanta lawyers are. After all, nobody wants someone who isn’t at the top of their game. We’ve all heard horror stories about incompetent lawyers and the damage they can do. Since clients are usually asked to pay for the work up front, it’s wise to find out ahead of time who the best Atlanta lawyers really are.

Best Atlanta LawyersLook For These Qualities:

  1. A Good Reputation – The proof is in the pudding. Do your research and see if they have any complaints filed against them or are under review by the Bar association.
  2. Experience – Nothing can take the place of having years of experience under your belt. Not only does it equip the lawyer to know how to handle different cases, but knowing other lawyers and judges can help in having a positive outcome.
  3. Continuing Education – It’s no small feat to have a law degree. But just as important is for a lawyer to stay updated on changes in the law. Make sure your lawyer participates in continuing education through classes, seminars and special training.
  4. Volunteerism – Why is this important? Because the best Atlanta lawyers are going to care about the community that they live in. They will spend their talents helping clients as well as their community. They will also understand that they have valuable skills that they can share to improve the lives of those around them and be generous with those skills.

Here in our Atlanta law firm our reputation speaks for itself. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience. We value continuing education and all of our lawyers serve in the community in a variety of ways. When you want the best in Atlanta, call Kitchens New Cleghorn.

What Is The Best Way Find An Adoption Attorney Near Me?

Posted on: February 11th, 2016

Finding An Adoption Attorney In Atlanta – One only needs to type in the phrase adoption attorneys near me to see a list of law firms pop up. They may or may not have experienced lawyers ready to help guide a client in the adoption process. The most important thing that a person or couple can do when searching for an adoption attorney is to check their level of experience to ensure that the process goes flawlessly.


The six types of adoption in Georgia are:

  1. Public or private agency adoptions – this is where the State of Georgia or a licensed private agency places the child with the adoptive parents.
  2. Adoptions by third parties – this is done by someone who is not a stepparent or a relative adopts the child. These adoptions do not involve an agency. This is typically where foster parents or other caregivers adopt the child.
  3. Stepparent adoptions – this is when a stepparent steps in when a biological parent has forfeited their rights to the child and then adopts the child.
  4. Adoptions by relatives – this is when a relative from this child’s extended family (grandparent, aunt, uncle, or a sibling of the child adopts the child. The child may be related to the person adopting the child either by blood or by marriage.
  5. Adoptions by foreign decree – this is when the child has already been adopted in another country. The child must have a valid visa.
  6. Adult adoptions – this is rare but still happens and takes place when the person to be adopted is already a legal adult (over 18).

The next time you start to type adoption attorneys near me, be sure that you remember that a successful adoption begins with choosing the right lawyer. The attorneys at Kitchens New Cleghorn are ready to help you add to your family.

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