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How to File for Divorce in Georgia

Posted on: August 12th, 2013

divorce in georgiaIt sounds like a very simple question, but it is one of the most frequent questions Georgia divorce attorneys hear: how do you file for divorce in Georgia?

Before we get to the answer, it’s important to know that if you are considering this question, you are probably seriously considering a divorce. If that is the case, you should consult with an Atlanta divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

Why is it necessary to consult with a divorce lawyer in Georgia if you are only thinking about getting divorce, and not sure you really want to or should? Because with legal matters as delicate and often time sensitive such as divorce, the sooner you have experienced legal guidance to instruct you on the proper course of action, the better off you will be in the long run.

Divorce Law Firm in Georgia

Hopefully you will reach out to a compassionate lawyer if you are seriously considering this question, but to begin to answer the question in a general manner, if you plan on filing for divorce in Georgia, as the spouse seeking divorce, you must file an official complaint with the court governing your jurisdiction. In doing so, you will become known as the “plaintiff” and your spouse will be known as the “defendant” throughout the divorce. This complaint must have detailed information about your marriage in its current state, including why you are filing for divorce. Sound complicated? It certainly can be, which is another reason to have a practiced Georgia divorce attorney on your side to help you throughout the process.

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