Divorce Child Custody

Atlanta Georgia Child Custody Attorneys for Gay & Lesbian Individuals and Families

A divorce or legal separation is never easy, and can be significantly more difficult and emotional when children are involved. Due to ambiguous laws in Georgia affecting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals and families, custody disputes can get complicated and we highly recommend seeking the counsel of an attorney familiar with LGBT divorce and child custody issues.

Child Custody in Atlanta involves several issues such as:

  • Physical custody and control of your child/children
  • Parental rights and privileges
  • Decisions involving health care and education
  • Decisions involving where your child/children spend weekends and holidays

Atlanta Child Custody Attorneys Serving the Gay Atlanta Area

Child custody disputes in Georgia are resolved based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The best interest of the child/children
  • The legal relationship between the parents and the child/children
  • Whether a parent is the biological parent, adopted parent, or an acting parent
  • Local child custody laws
  • The personal relationship between each parent and the child/children

Child Custody Strategy

Unfortunately, not all Georgia courts will recognize the non-biological parent’s rights or the rights of both parents in a co-parent adoption, and many courts may not be gay-friendly. Working out a custody plan with the help of a knowledgeable Georgia child custody lawyer will ensure that your parental wishes are honored and that the child/children’s best interest are protected. Most Georgia courts will accept a custody plan fashioned by the parents as long as it serves the child’s best interests.