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Kitchens New Cleghorn has sought after attorneys speaking on relevant topics impacting business, country and individuals.

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What happens in Washington can complicate your business, but navigating the latest laws, policy ideas, and regulations does not have to be undecipherable or costly. The corporate and complex business team at Kitchens New Cleghorn bring their focused business acumen and deep legislative experience to bear when analyzing government activities and their potential financial impact on business. Attorney Randy New will discuss how business leaders can approach a process for analyzing the financial impact of public policy for their organizations, both from a strategic and tactical perspective.

Health Care

Implementation of the health care reform bill will accelerate over the next year and businesses and individuals will have to respond. Will the Affordable Care Act achieve its goals of expanding coverage, lowering costs and reducing the federal debt? Or will the bill only make health insurance and health care less affordable and strain an already overstretched federal budget? As the implementation proceeds, our attorneys will provide background and explore key issues.

Immigration Reform

If there is one major piece of legislation that could pass in 2013, it might very well be immigration reform, a bill that has significant implications for individuals, communities, and businesses. Both parties recognize the political necessity to pass a bill. Our attorneys will explore the challenges that lay ahead and what factors will determine whether Congress is actually able to get a bill to the President’s desk this year.

The Busted Federal Budget and What to Do About It

A great deal of the fights today in Washington are about deficits and debt and whether we need to cut spending, increase taxes, or do both to balance the federal budget and to pay down the nearly $17 trillion America owes its creditors. This talk will explore the federal budget, the causes of America’s current debt and unfunded future obligations, and what needs to be done to get America’s fiscal house in order.

National Security

Osama bin Laden is dead, but the threat of terrorist attacks remain. Meanwhile, the Arab Spring continues to perpetuate uncertainty in the Middle East, Iran and North Korea are actively pursuing nuclear weapons and China and other countries are engaged in cyber warfare with the US. Our attorneys will survey all those threats as well as what it will take in terms of resources and policy to ensure the safety and security of Americans in the years and decades ahead.

Successfully Making Your Case in Washington

Successful advocacy can have a significant impact on your bottom line and advancing issues important to you. Making your case to any elected officials to support your position is an art that requires presenting the right information to the right audience at the right time. This talk will look at ways to develop the most objective and persuasive information with an eye toward recognizing how and when to make your case and who should be listening on the other end.
Fixing Washington
Congressional approval ratings hover around all-time lows and Americans are justifiably pessimistic about Washington’s ability to do anything, let alone address the critical issues of the day. Our attorneys will discuss what needs to change in Washington so that the politicians in both parties start working together again to actually solve problems the American people want solved.

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