The telecommunications industry is undergoing rapid and fundamental technological and regulatory changes on nearly a daily basis. These external forces can impact your business and bottom line in many ways—both financial and strategic.

The flow of changes coming from the Federal Communications Commission, the United States Congress, and the Federal Courts is widespread and nearly constant. Keeping up with these changes and their impacts on your business is difficult and time-consuming.

In an effort to help manage this flow of vital information for our current clients, the law firm of Kitchens New Cleghorn (KNC) has begun preparing a weekly summary of actions being considered or taken at the Federal level at the FCC, Congress, and in the Federal court. The summary reduces any and every significant notice, docket, or court case to what matters from a business standpoint to our clients, including who is gaining value and who is losing value. Our summary to our current clients is focused on (1) items that directly affect the client’s business today and (2) items that could either enhance the clients’ businesses or present a substantial barrier to growth and net income.

From time to time, KNC includes other items of potential interest to our clients, such as news reports on significant mergers like the pending ATT-Time Warner transaction.

Our analyses for our clients can include the following work effort and reporting to you:

  1. Providing general information or more detailed analysis of the specific actions being required by the government going forward
  2. Identifying the business changes you might be required to undertake to comply with new requirements
  3. Determining the financial or strategic significance of the changes you are facing including the effects of looming actions on the net present value of your business
  4. Influencing decision makers on specific matters through advocacy at the state or Federal level

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Randy New, the Managing Partner at KNC, has wide ranging experience as the former vice president of public policy at BellSouth during the last great period of change with the Telecom Act, and as current and past legal counsel to many industry players on Federal and state regulatory and legislative issues.

Charles Featherstun, who is Of Counsel to KNC, also has extensive legal and management experience with AT&T/BellSouth. This includes work on domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, as well as Federal and state regulatory and legislative matters and Federal appeals.

For additional information, contact Mr. New or Mr. Featherstun at 404-557-5670 or email them at or